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Emerging Futures CIC pioneers the concept of ‘mid-point allegiance’, between professional service providers and the individuals and communities they serve.

our impact

We work with vulnerable populations to improve their life course and life experiences. 

Our impact goes beyond the individual, extending to families and the communities they live in. We improve life chances, individual and community wellbeing by place based working within a national framework.

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volunteer hours delivered each month
wellbeing coaches trained and accredited
individuals supported into employment
individuals successfully housed



Watch the video to find out how we work and what makes us different.



Across the UK, our experienced experts are helping people to become ‘better than well’ by looking at what's strong, rather than what's wrong.

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passionate about recovery with the courage to do things differently

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get involved

Emerging Futures are driven by making a difference. We connect communities, families and impact directly on individuals wellbeing and vitality. We require volunteers nationally, contact our projects directly. Please check out our 2016/17 staff survey and follow our latest vacancies.

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