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H for Housing


Our professionally-managed, high-quality housing gives people a safe space to overcome complex problems and move forward with their lives.

Residents receive high levels of care and support to sustain the changes they have made and to develop the skills and confidence to successfully maintain their own tenancies in the future.

We work with private landlords, housing associations, local authority housing teams, social investors and health and social care providers to deliver tailored housing options that meet local needs and targets. We source properties on behalf of our commissioners and partners and also have our own housing stock.

Our high-quality, safe and well-maintained properties comply with health and safety regulations and provide both a social benefit and a return on investment.

Housing options include:

  • Emergency housing for people sleeping rough who may have drug and alcohol addictions or mental health needs. Our priority is to keep people safe and warm and prevent further damage to their health while we encourage them to accept treatment and support.
  • Stable homes for people in recovery or working towards abstinence who need personalised support to learn how to live independently and sustain their commitment to change. Our therapeutic approach is peer-led and reinforced by mutual aid and integration into the local community.

Residents are supported by our highly skilled and professional staff. We invest in their development and skills to ensure our teams are competent and capable of delivering the highest standards of care.

We provide housing solutions that work and achieve the right results for commissioners and social investors. Contact us today to find out how we could work together.

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