Behavioural Change programmes and coaching support

Here is a brief introduction to our range of therapeutic programmes. Please contact us for more information.

Foundations of Recovery

A structured therapeutic programme based on psychosocial interventions. The programme’s three stages guide people through a process of change and growth towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We deliver this programme in partnership with the health and social care charity Change Grow Live.

Preparation to Change

This programme helps people to set their recovery goals and build their motivation and commitment to change. There is a focus on relapse prevention and on learning techniques to manage addiction.


This stand-alone, trauma-informed abstinence programme is aimed at people who have detoxed in the community and those who live in supported housing. The programme supports people to maintain their newly-found freedom from addiction and build new support networks.

Foundations of Family

A support and education programme for families and friends affected by the addiction of a family member. The programme equips families to build supportive peer networks and help their loved one through the many stages of treatment and recovery.

Foundations of Rehabilitation

This programme provides coaching and mentoring to individuals who are trying to stop offending and rebuild their lives. Individuals are encouraged to learn new skills and gain self-awareness to break the cycle of reoffending and move towards positive goals.


Coaching is at the heart of our treatment approach and is delivered by professionals and volunteers in our houses and through our treatment partnerships.

Our specialist coaches motivate and support people to change their behaviour and improve their lives. We support individuals in recovery and also the families and friends of people affected by addiction and trauma.

We also provide opportunities for people in recovery to train as community coaches so they can use their personal experiences to build healthy support networks for others.

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