Covid-19 update

If you are using our services you might be feeling worried about how coronavirus affects you, your personal wellbeing and the support you are getting. We are continuing to deliver our housing services, coaching support and behaviour change programmes but in a different way. Please contact your local service directly or use our national helpline 03330 124 714.


Emerging Futures provides safe spaces for people to change.

Our high quality homes and structured therapeutic support offer nurturing environments across the country for people affected by homelessness, poor health or drug and alcohol issues.

A secure home is the first step. We then work with people to build their resilience and self-worth so they can develop positive relationships and connect with others in their local community.

Our goal is to enable people to move on and live stable, healthy and independent lives.


Having somewhere safe to live is an essential step towards recovery. So we start by housing people and then work with them to address their issues and help them to change their behaviour and improve their health and wellbeing.

Our community housing begins with emergency shelter for people living on the streets who may have complex needs and moves on to transitional housing for those who are preparing for the challenge of independent living.

Housing is combined with structured therapeutic programmes, delivered with our health and social care partners, that motivate change, promote learning and development and build resilience.

We support people to rebuild family relationships, connect with others and participate in the life of the community.

Our programmes are informed by peers whose direct lived experience of homelessness and social exclusion increases their impact and authenticity.


Our professionally-managed, high-quality housing gives people a safe space to overcome complex problems and move forward with their lives.

Residents receive high levels of care and support to sustain the changes they have made and to develop the skills and confidence to successfully maintain their own tenancies in the future. We provide a combination of digital and face-to-face behavioural change interventions tailored to each stage of housing support and individual and local needs.

We are looking to build new partnerships with organisations who share our values and who are looking for safe and stable housing options to improve the lives of people in their care.

Behaviour Change

We deliver structured therapeutic programmes in our supported houses and in partnership with health and social care treatment services. These programmes combine evidence-based psychosocial techniques with the lived experience of former service users to achieve sustainable behavioural change in people with complex needs.

People are encouraged to develop an understanding of the underlying causes of their issues, build resilience and develop the skills and self-knowledge to overcome them.

Our programmes are delivered by highly-trained professional staff, recovery coaches and volunteers who believe passionately in giving everyone the best possible opportunity to change their lives.

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We work across the country in partnership with health and social care treatment providers and local recovery communities. Our services include housing, coaching, therapy, training and other interventions to support people who are homeless, sleeping rough, struggling with addiction or involved in crime.

Asset maps

A key component of our approach to behavioural change is to encourage people to get involved in community activities to build their resilience and support their peers.

Some of our project pages include maps of local community assets which can be accessed by anyone looking to build new connections in their community.


Our work improves people’s lives and strengthens communities. We use a range of measures to demonstrate impact which include:

  • Improved physical health, mental health and wellbeing
  • Increased social inclusion, independence and participation
  • Improved social, economic and environmental living conditions
  • Access to educational, employment and training opportunities
  • Increased physical activity, healthy eating and reductions in excessive alcohol and drug consumption
  • Reduced demand for health, social care and emergency services
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