Emerging Futures is accredited by Investors In People

A woman in a trench coat smiling holding a cup of tea. The IIP and EF logos are at the top of the image, and the text "Emerging Futures is accredited by Investors in People" is overlaid

We’ve raised the bar from Bronze… to Silver 🥈 🏆

Following an assessment by the ‘Investors in People’ last year, we’re thrilled to share that we have achieved the Silver level of the ‘We Invest in People accreditation!

Over 160 of our staff contributed, either by survey or interview, giving feedback on criteria around how we lead and inspire, empower and involve, structure our work and manage performance.

What does the Silver IIP accreditation mean?

Did you know that most of us will spend around 80,000 hours at work in our lifetime?

For something that takes up so much of our time, we think our people deserve to get more out of it than just a regular paycheque…

Achieving the Silver level of the ‘We invest in people’ accreditation affirms that our organisational principles are in the right place.

But, more than that, it means our people and leaders are making active efforts to ensure that there’s real consistency in the organisation, and everyone who works at EF is feeling the effects!

What are we doing well?

The feedback report from IIP identifies our organisational strengths and highlights some areas we can improve.

We’re pleased to share some of the things that our staff said we excel at:

Living our values

Our organisational values of accountability, integrity and respect are clear and embedded within our everyday work.

You have to be a walking talking example of our values. They are clearly translated into the work we do with service users, but they also run into how staff are managed too.”

Empowering teams  

People feel engaged, involved, and empowered. The feedback from our teams said that they feel they have the authority to make decisions and implement them.

Everyone is encouraged to voice ideas, and we have the autonomy to action them where appropriate.”

Nurturing talent 

The number of our workforce who were initially service users and have moved up through the ranks proves that EF have become a leader in nurturing talent to build a workforce of experts by experience.

I absolutely love my job and EF – I want to stick around, as I know there is a lot of potential in the future.”

What can we improve?

Just because we’ve stepped up to Silver, doesn’t mean the work stops. In 2 years, we restart the process again, and next time we’ve got our eyes set on Gold!

We know that there’s always room to improve, and amongst other things, we’re working toward:

  • raising our standards around the recruitment and retention of our staff.
  • improving how we communicate change management with our workforce
  • finding new and exciting ways to reward and recognise the brilliant work that our staff deliver.

It’s all down to the EF team!

Above all, this accreditation is down to our workforce and the feedback that they gave to IIP.

It’s our teams, in every department of the organisation, who work their socks off every day to make Emerging Futures the place that it is to work. And together, we share a belief that every person affected by addiction and homelessness deserves the opportunity to change their lives.

So, for the time being, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to every member of our staff.