Ending 2022 on a high

Celebrating outstanding impact in another challenging year.
Written by Ray Jenkins

Celebrating outstanding impact in another challenging year.

As 2022 draws to a close, it is natural to reflect on what we achieved during a year of challenges and change.

A new way of working

COVID altered our world for ever. Now, a blend of in-person and digital service delivery and remote working are the established way of doing business. We faced more adversity in 2022 with rising energy bills, the ‘cost of living crisis’ and sector-wide difficulties in recruiting new people as we grew. The commissioning landscape also changed and the Harm to Hope substance misuse strategy finally arrived with implications for our working practice.

Despite adapting to such far-reaching change, we maintained exceptionally low levels of sickness and high levels of staff retention. Teams were under a lot of pressure but I believe keeping to our organisational values and caring for the wellbeing of our people, coaches and volunteers was key to keeping us all effective and resilient.

Outstanding outcomes

Our most important achievement in 2022 was the enormous impact staff made on the lives of our service beneficiaries.

Here are some of the headline achievements that have made me so proud this year:

  • 1,609 people were accommodated across 59 transitional housing projects. Of these, 727 moved on to independent living in a planned way.
  • We delivered 23,585 behaviour change interventions to 2,324 people, 637 of which successfully completed a full group work programme.
  • 744 people have now completed accredited coaching qualifications and 45% of our employees (and 30% of managers) have trained as EF coaches.
  • 98 people who achieved coaching accreditation are now in paid employment with us and 54 work with other health & social care organisations.
  • 65% of employees used their personal lived experience in their work.

These numbers speak for themselves and I want to end the year by saying a huge ‘thank you’ to all our staff and partners for their brilliance and passion for making a difference. 2022 is nearly behind us and we are right to be excited and confident about 2023 and beyond.