Together we are stronger

Together we are stronger
Written by Nahim Yakub

Working to improve social housing through values-based partnerships

Shelter’s campaign for social housing regulation

Emerging Futures is totally aligned with Shelter’s Campaign to beef up the provisions of the Government’s Social Housing Regulation Bill. We welcome the move to improve the regulation of social landlords and provide greater protection for people living in exempt accommodation.

In a recent blog, my colleague Hayden Duncan described the “shark-infested waters of social housing provision”, where profits are put above the wellbeing of vulnerable tenants. Regulation will go a long way towards tackling this issue. But it is also essential that social housing is provided by professional, competent partners who are committed to putting tenants before profits.

Professional property management

It is not uncommon for me to receive at least two phone calls a week and half a dozen e-mails a month from ‘Social Developers’ and portfolio landlords. They are typically looking for somebody to lease and manage their housing stock in return for long-term leases and non-sustainable rents. My response? You’ve dialled the wrong number!

We work with others who share our values and determination to provide the high-quality homes our tenants deserve. These partnerships are driving our growing presence in the housing sector.

Productive partnerships take time to develop and need open and honest dialogue to succeed. We know what we look for in our partners, but what do they look for in us?

Passion and shared goals

Simone Newman, Regional Director (North), Depaul Housing Services, told us: “We partnered with Emerging Futures with the combined aim of providing high-quality housing to support people to lead stable, independent lives, to be part of their local community, access training or employment and ultimately achieve their potential.”

“Depaul Housing Services and Emerging Futures share similar values and this has made our partnership an easy one; we both have the same goals in mind and we work well together. The Emerging Futures housing team are knowledgeable, passionate about the work they do and, in our experience, go above and beyond to ensure they deliver for the people they support.” 

Responsive and transparent communication

Alex Lyons, Director, Ladybarn Road Estates Limited, said: “Having worked with Nahim and the team at Emerging Futures for circa three years I can honestly say that in my experience their passion and commitment far exceeds other providers.”

“They are extremely responsive and transparent, which makes the whole process a lot smoother. When I had delays with one of my refurbs, they were extremely patient and understanding of our situation and they always communicated, which helped us both reach the end goal of handing over our property to Emerging Futures. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Emerging Futures as a partner for other landlords to work alongside.”

Strong partnerships in social housing

Strong partnerships like these, together with the push for greater regulation and higher standards across the sector, are the key to challenging and changing the status quo and really making a difference.


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