Greater protections for social housing tenants

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Written by Nahim Yakub

New Social Housing Regulation Bill comes into force.

Emerging Futures has applied a simple rule to its housing stock to date. “Would I live there?”.

So we look forward to the new Social Housing Regulation Bill, recognising it as a more systematic and vital step towards improving the safety and quality of social housing, protecting tenants’ rights and ensuring the fairer treatment of residents.

We also fully support new measures in the Bill such as more pro-active intervention and professional qualifications for social housing managers. As for inspections from the Regulator of Social Housing? Bring it on.

Health and Safety at the heart of social housing

EF Head of Housing, Nahim Yakub, said: “Emerging Futures has been a strong advocate of safer, more responsible housing provision. We only work with landlords who share our values and are willing to invest appropriately and put tenants before profits. We renovate our properties to a high standard and only house tenants in homes we would be prepared to occupy ourselves. In addition, we invest in the skills and expertise of our housing team to ensure we provide professionally managed housing that meets health and safety legislation.

“Emerging Futures has been a staunch supporter of Shelter and the Grenfell United campaigners and commends their tireless work to bring about greater protection for people living in social housing. We remain fully aligned with their principles and commend all those who continue to campaign for tenants’ rights.”

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